Fotos: La YouTuber de 32 años ‘virgen’, pese a un noviazgo estable

Fotos: La YouTuber de 32 años 'virgen', pese a un noviazgo estable
Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

Una gurú de la alimentación con frutas, vegetales y granos sin cocinar, confesó al mundo que es virgen a los 32 años y pese a llevar un noviazgo estable. (Youtuber compra un departamento a sus 22 años, ¿cómo lo logró sin la ayuda de sus padres?)

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, conocida por su marca Fully Raw celebró esta semana un año y medio de relación con su novio Cash. La conmemoración la llevó a publicar un video que grabó a los 30 años en el que explicaba sus razones para ser virgen, algo que todavía dice ser. (Youtuber torturaba a sus siete hijos adoptados si actuaban mal en sus videos virales)

La mujer publicó el video para ayudar a las personas que tienen la presión de tener relaciones sexuales sin estar preparadas.

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I AM A WOMAN REBIRTHING. ? Today is my 32nd birthday. ✨?✨ I’d like to share with you a little bit more about me…and what I’m living through. ✨ For those who’ve been following me awhile, you’ve seen I’ve been through more than I thought I could handle. There were so many moments when I felt these storms would break me, and ironically, they were maturing me and showing me my true inner strength. Even the toughest seeds must grow through dirt…and look what they become. ??✨ I know I’ve evolved because I have less reactions and more inner peace. Here are some of the most valuable things I’ve learned: ✨ ? FLOWER WORK ISN’T EASY. Remaining soft in fire takes time. ? Practicing forgiveness and compassion with yourself daily is an TRUE ACT of self-love. ? Take responsibility and full ownership for all of your emotions. No blame. No shame. Feel it to free it. ?? Everything happens FOR US and not TO US. ? Prayer is POWERFUL. We all have angels watching over us, and we are never alone. It hasn’t been until I’ve learned how to truly get on my knees and pray—talk to God—that I feel safe and empowered. If you don’t ask, you will never receive. ? To know failure is a gift. It teaches determination and breeds opportunity for future redemption. ? GO WITH THE FLOW! Allow space for non-conformity and laugh at the ridiculousness of crazy moments. ? KEEP SPREADING LOVE. Be an example. Never stop sharing your kindness with the world just because someone hurt you. ? TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY. It’s the ONLY home in which you live. Eat vegan and create a clear mind, body, or spirit connection for yourself. The more pure you eat, the more connected and enlightened you will become with Mother Nature and all living beings. ? LOVE YOUR HUMANITY: No one is perfect. What matters most is how we learn from our experiences and how we move forward. ? Believe in magic. It exists. ? Believe in miracles. They exist. ? Believe in love. You exist. ✨ I am grateful for all of the experiences that have blossomed me into the woman I am today. Thank you all for your love and for joining me on my journey. I love and appreciate you more than you can possibly imagine. I love you. ?????✨

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La ‘influencer’ basada en Houston, de ascendencia ecuatoriana y libanesas, explicó que creció en una familia conservadora de principios cristiano en la que “siempre hizo lo correcto”.

“Todavía tengo esas creencias, las aprecio y las amo”, dijo Carrillo-Bucaram, quien ve su virginidad como un regalo único para el que sea su esposo ya que es algo que nadie más recibirá eso de ella.

La mujer también explicó que al empezar su vida como emprendedora a los 18 años mucha de su energía se ha concentrado en su carrera, incluso la que estaría destinada para el placer sexual.


Carrillo-Bucharam dicen que el asunto no se trata solamente de un acto sexual. “Es mi pureza. Es una parte de mi alma que estás tomando y que te estoy regalando”, dijo. “En el sexo también estás intercambiando energías”.

La YouTuber reconoció que siente urgencias como los otros humanos y que le gusta besar a sus parejas. Sin embargo, conserva el objetivo de entregar su virginidad a la persona indicada ya que es algo importante.

‘No solo mi dieta es pura, como frutas y verduras crudas, hace doce años que lo hago, pero también soy sexualmente pura“, dijo.

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If you can remain OPEN after all you’ve been through…you’re winning. ? It’s easy to close yourself off, stop trusting, and keep angry with the world. What’s more challenging is to practice forgiveness, faith, and unconditional love. Remember that everything happens FOR US and not to us. Keep dancing, keep flowing, and remain OPEN to all possibilities, no matter how impossible it seems. Instead of allowing life to break you, transform that struggle into strength. You’ve got this. I love you. ????✨ ✨ ? @sadowskaphoto ✨ #fullyraw #vegan #wheel #bend #spirituality #healing #transformation #travel #picoftheday #beach #energy #vegans #vegansofig #love #health #yoga #powerful #emotion #backbend

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Carrillo-Bucharam dijo que no tiene un tipo de hombre en particular, pero que lo quiere es “rey comprometido por completo, un hombre real, nada de niños”.

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Remember to take care of yourself. It’s the little things that matter most. ???? Add in a little sunshine, fresh air, and water, and you’ve got nature’s medicine. ?? Without good health, you’ll never feel fully yourself. Take time for yourself. Restore your physical body and peace of mind. The benefits of this lifestyle are endless. I’ve been a #fullyraw #vegan 13+ years now, and it’s changed my life for the better. It may seem too simple to some, but it’s a complete mind, body, and spirit awakening experience when you’re consistent and dedicated to the lifestyle. Start somewhere. Start small. Start with one #rawvegan meal a day and work your way up. Educate yourself on why eating less animal products is important. Every little bit counts! Now go fill up your plates with some fruits and veggies and enjoy! ???? ✨ It’s been an amazing day in Costa Rica with @selina #selinanosara #selenalife! Thank you for all the special foodie treats! ✨ #nature #environment #health #planet #travel #vegetarian #vegans #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #organic #plantbased #powerful #rawvegan #rawfood #cleaneating #vegano #travelphotography #costarica #body #healthy #fruit #happiness

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A new dawn is upon us—an opportunity to move forward. ✨?✨ The choice is ours to choose…who we want to become. I know people associate the New Year with a “New You,” but I say…focus on the IMPROVED you. The best rewards come with dedication and consistency. In this moment, you get to decide if you want to be a person of integrity, compassion, and love. Perhaps it’s not about starting over, but it’s an opportunity to transform. May we have the courage to change the things we do not like in our lives and to live as an example to others. Be still. Choose. Feel. Heal. It’s a new light, a new dawn, and a new day. ☀️????????✨ ✨ ? @sadowskaphoto ✨ #fullyraw #vegan #inspiration #meditation #newyear #love #travel #travelgram #picoftheday #vegans #vegansofig #natural #nature #plantbased #motivation #beach

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