Acompañó la foto con un largo poema titulado “Hummingbird”

Pillan a la hija del colombiano Carlos Vives desnuda en un balcón

Pillan a la hija del colombiano Carlos Vives desnuda en un balcón
Lucy Vives PD

La hija del cantante Carlos Vives, Lucy, ha regresado con una de sus fotos eróticas muy comentadas por sus seguidores en Instagram. En esta ocasión, la imagen la muestra desnuda en un balcón en Positano, Italia. Activista y modelo, Lucy Vives ya cuenta con más de 740 mil seguidores en su cuenta de esa red social; ella acompañó la foto con un largo poema titulado “Hummingbird”, al parecer de su autoría, con una postura ante las injusticias y los cambios en el mundo.

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hummingbird • some days i wake up with the heart of a hummingbird.. beating soso fast that I , myself, have to get up and move. at times i dont believe it’s even really my heart that i feel in my chest.. or that it’s just one.. since i was a little girl , i’ve felt cries of agony and anxiety echoing across oceans and mountain ranges, i felt the racing heart of fear and dispair as our home crumbled around us from ignorance and injustice. call it the guilt of my privilege, the calling of my faith, or simply the synchronicity of our being… as community .. as kin with the blood of the earth running through all that is life.. all that is Us… but I have a responsability to this feeling and i want to strive to be a servant of mother earth .. i believe it is my rightful place @karmagawa and @badboi are live at @artbasel today at 6pm … introducing me to a world of active change and consciousness, they reminded me that we are all needed to make a difference and that there still is hope to heal ! whoever you are, wherever you are and in whatever you do.. you can choose to be part of the solution ? @badboi Positano, Italia, 2018

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En general, los comentarios hacia la fotografía publicada han sido positivos, destacando la belleza de la hija del cantante, aunque algunos cuestionaron los objetivos de Lucy, como uno que expresó “Y cuándo va a apoyar la protesta en Colombia, que sus privilegios no nublen tu empatía”.

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dyke • you’re damn right i got that and a dime sack all through grade school. thick skin doesnt come easy and bullying taught me to laugh at myself… take life less seriously.. i couldnt cut off my ears cuz people didnt like them, i wasnt gonna shave my eyebrows cuz people didnt like them, and i wasnt gonna cry while everyone was laughing. i fuckin love a good joke. especially if it’s me. • machúa in my culture, both men and women are machistas. according to tradition, and many women who preach it, i am not a very good woman. i was raised to be quiet and pretty with nice table manners, so that i find a nice guy with money that'll "take care of me n our kids”. i was to eat enough to look more than healthy so men don't think im sick.. so i don't look like i'm infertile. i was raised to walk straight, la postura pecho y culo pa’fuera, to beat out any other bitch out there tryna take a man i prolly didnt want a girl has to be a mother, a wife, and a lover of the home on man’s terms. and anytime anything was said contrarily, came the quote “being a woman is a sacrifice.” it’s alright because “we’ve all made it” since the beginning, we’ve been ojects of affection and abuse. healers, givers. but never receivers. shutting the fuck up , not stirring any pots. no resistances. La Mujer Conforme. fighting is a thing of the Macho. for centuries women have repressed their realities, laughing with each other about pitty sex with their drunk husbands, n not filing for divorce for the sake of the kids, the car, the house, the money . fear. we scrutinize the women that dare live their truth. when we KNOW we’ve yearned for spiritual autonomy and how many times we’ve ignored mother nature telling us you are you are potential. you are powerful and free. • in my culture, i am too skinny, too ambitious, too selfish, too angry, n too smart to be a woman. see, if being a ‘woman’ means being nearly everything ive never been, pues sí, soy machua. machua con cojones entonces. ¿porque quién carajo quiere ser “mujer” bajo esas condiciónes • blessed being on the cover of 2 gentlemens magazines this year. in hopes that slowly we can redefine that word: Woman

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